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alex at ergens.op.Het.Net alex at ergens.op.Het.Net
Tue May 16 00:24:09 MEST 2000

Jason Ertel wrote:

> I have a general question... I have noticed that on high bandwidth
> links, there is an automatic adjustment produced on the graphs between
> kbps to MBps. The question is - what determines this adjustment? How
> much bandwidth needs to consistently travese the link for this to occur?
> I have one link that averages around 5.6 mbps and always registers in
> mbps. I have another link that *peaks* around 3.5mbps, but the graph
> always shows kbps. What is the cut-off/criteria? If anyone knows,
> kindly respond.

I'm not entirely sure about this one but I think I do know the answer:

Somewhere in rateup there is a piece of code that determines what the
Y-axis should look like.  In this part of the code, rateup is working
with "nice numbers" such as 4.0 (versus 3.98987)
The calculations involved with this are done on a quarter of the maximum

If you know the C language, look near line 350 in rateup.c and tell me
if I'm right about this.  This code is too hard for me to understand :(

slightly off topic:
I really dislike it when MRTG (rateup) decides to display a scale from
0 to 300kbps when my line is 256kbps (and similar special values).  For
me, and probably others, this is not good.

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