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Billingsley, Richard, CON, OASD(HA)/TMA Richard.Billingsley at tma.osd.mil
Wed May 17 20:33:54 MEST 2000

You can find them:


which is a link from:


under Analyze *.log files for monthly total by Seth Mos. 

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What is the script can calculate the total traffic for the month?

Thanks - John

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>I know there is a script that calculates the total traffic for the month,
>however, it need a start date and end date and time.  I I attempted to edit
>the script to only pull data from the log for start date to end date with a
>specific time frame on each day between the start and end dates.
>calc.pl aprlog.log 04-01-2000 04-31-2000 09:00 20:00
>Would only pull data from 9am to 8pm on each day in April.
>Can anyone help?  I am not the greatest perl writer either.
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