[mrtg] More issues with cfgmaker and IOS 12.0x

Mark T. Ganzer ganzer at spawar.navy.mil
Mon May 22 17:57:48 MEST 2000

A while back, I sent a note to the MRTG mail list about problems I was
having with cfgmaker and Cisco IOS 12.0T. In particular,  ATM
sub-interfaces were being given SNMP index numbers for both ATM-layer
and AAL5-layer stats, so cfgmaker adds an entry for each of them into
the CFG file. However in reality, there are no entries in the router MIB
table for the ATM-layer interface stats, so MRTG generates a bunch of
error messages.

I now have come across a similar problem, this time with IOS 12.0S
(service provider release including MBGP, etc), especially when Cisco
Express Forwarding is enabled. Along with the same ATM problem above,
when CEF is enabled, an SNMP interface index number is generated not
only for the physical router interfaces, but also for the CEF interface
corresponding to the physical interface (and for all ATM sub-interfaces
as well) . Cfgmaker dutifully adds all these CEF interfaces into the CFG
file, but like the 12.0T problem above, the CEF interfaces are actually
bogus - there are no entries in the router MIB for interface stats for
these interfaces that can be polled by MRTG, resulting a a bunch of

I end up manually editing the output of cfgmaker to come up with a
working CFG file, however was wondering if anyone has thought of adding
a test in cfgmaker to make sure that the stats are actually available
for each interface entry?  I'm not fluent in Perl, so can't do it myself
(although I may ask someone else here to do it for me). However I
thought I would check the list first.

- Mark T Ganzer            ganzer at spawar.navy.mil
Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego
Ph: 619.553.1186   FAX: 619.553.4385    Mobile: 619.203.1790

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