[mrtg] Re: How can I graph the following?

Barry Irwin bvi-mrtg-list at rucus.ru.ac.za
Tue May 23 18:39:35 MEST 2000

On Tue 2000-05-23 (08:47), Mark Milano wrote:
> I need to graph such things as UpTime, Memory usage, Disk I/O, etc....
> I think I have all the OID numbers such as .
> I need to know how I can generate the pretty HTML graphs for them.
erm how are you planning to graph uptime ?  even if the OID gave the number
of seconds/minutes etc since boot, your graph would be a flat line, since
its basically a binary state, would really only be usefull for noting
extended outages.

You dont necessarily need to use the OID's if you can actually use an
external data gatherer for the data you are interested in. This is mostly
usefull if mrtg is running on the same machine as being monitored.

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