[mrtg] Re: Data collected is out of reality

Rainer Bawidamann Rainer.Bawidamann at rz.uni-ulm.de
Wed May 24 11:40:01 MEST 2000

In article <392AB270.541056F5 at di.uc3m.es>,
	david at di.uc3m.es (David Gutiérrez Rueda) writes:
>     Thanks Jakob. The problem appears in any device with ATM
> interfaces (Cisco, Fore, ...). I've reproduced the error (1e+16)
> resetting the port counters of a switch. I think the problem could be
> related to the counter roll-over conversions (32 vs. 64 bits) of
> rrdtool update (¿?). Any idea?

You could try to set a maximum for the values in the rrd files with

     "rrdtool tune <rrdfile> -a ds0:<max> -a ds1:<max>"

<max> should be the maximum value possible for the interface. Look into
the mrtg documentation about "MaxBytes[..]". It is not sufficient to set
"maxbytes" in the config file as mrtg currently does not copy this
values into the rrd files.

["rrdtool dump" + "rrdtool restore" provide a possibility to remove spikes
 from a rrd file. Check it's documentation]

If this does not help please send me your config file (one target should
be enough, with the global settings) and a "wrong" graph.


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