[mrtg] Re: wrap redux

Simon Leinen simon at limmat.switch.ch
Mon May 29 19:05:55 MEST 2000


as an alternative to polling more often, you can also use 64-bit
counters if your agent supports these (and (Community-Based) SNMPv2).

I admit that this is awkward to set up, but I'm fairly confident that
it solves your problem and works until at least the OC-192/10GigE
range (beyond which you'll run into other limitations of MRTG) without
requiring additional SNMP traffic (well except for the Counter64 OIDs
and return values which will take up a couple more bytes).

The OIDs for the Counter64 versions of the popular if{In,Out}Octets
columns are:


Thus, if your router's 10GigE interface has ifIndex 4, then your
configuration might contain something like this:

Target[tengig]: at router::::2
MaxBytes[tengig]: 1250000000

Remember that you need the latest SNMP code from
for this to work.

Hope this helps,
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