[mrtg] Re: wrap redux

Simon Leinen simon at limmat.switch.ch
Mon May 29 21:44:12 MEST 2000

>>>>> "rb" == Randy Bush <randy at psg.com> writes:
> thank you!
> junipers seem to like your snmpv2 64-bit oid hack just fine.  a cisco
> running 120-8.6.S1 whines as appended.

Argh... that was my fault.  One more colon is needed to specify the
SNMP version, i.e.:

silly-boy at r00.fra01.de.bb.verio.net:::::2

rather than

silly-boy at r00.fra01.de.bb.verio.net::::2

For what it's worth, you can specify the following parameters in this
stupid notation:

community at host:port:timeout:retries:backoff:snmp-version

community       community string
host            host name or IP address
port            UDP port of the SNMP agent to connect to (default is 161)
timeout         number of seconds to wait for a response before the
                initial retry is made (default: 2.0)
retries         maximum number of times a request is sent (default: 5)
backoff         factor by which the timeout is increased for each
                retry (default: 1.0, i.e. no back-off)

Btw. the fact that Juniper responds to SNMPv1 requests with Counter64
values is a bug (which I personally find benign but some of the SNMP
gods probably won't).
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