[mrtg] Lack of Response from system MRTG (port 161) SNMP

Bill Parker dogbert at netnevada.net
Tue May 30 00:09:55 MEST 2000

Hi All,

	Since I have run stronger firewalling rules and linux, and am now running
portsentry 1.0 on my linux system, I can no longer get information from
MRTG polls as 161 appears to be blocked by portsentry or my firewall rules...

in checking portsentry.conf, here is what I ran across in the file:

this is the original:

# ** X-Windows Users **: If you are running X on your box, you need to be sure
# you are not binding PortSentry to port 6000 (or port 2000 for OpenWindows
# Doing so will prevent the X-client from starting properly.
# These port bindings are *ignored* for Advanced Stealth Scan Detection Mode.

# Un-comment these if you are really anal:
# Use these if you just want to be aware:
# Use these for just bare-bones

in the modified file, I omit 161 and 162 in the 2nd set of params to allow
MRTG to grab this information, but it leaves it open...now these machines
have actual class C addresses, is it possible to specify that my class C
not be blocked via portsentry?  (example: machine one xxx.xxx.xxx.25,
machine 2 is
xxx.xxx.xxx.25, final machine is xxx.xxx.xxx.55)...or can this not be done?


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