[mrtg] Re: ATM PVC monitoring

Charles Wolfe WOLFEC at gunet.georgetown.edu
Tue May 30 22:19:48 MEST 2000

Thanks for your help I really appreciate it. I am now getting stats but the graphs look like shark fins. Any other suggestions?


>>> <gabroth at nextlink.com> 05/25 11:44 AM >>>

It's because you're using the gauge option with a counter-type variable.

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08:13:11 AM

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Subject:  [mrtg] ATM PVC monitoring

I am gathering ATM in/out octets for individual ATM pvc's.

The problem I am having is that the variables are not increasing in MRTG. I
can check and see that the counter changed with a MIB browser from HP
Openview but when I look at the mrtg log for this device the numbers don't

Does anybody have a clue as to what may be wrong. Listed below is my
mrtg.cfg file. The pvc I am currently polling is 15Mbps. It resides on a
Cisco 7206 and the MIB is ciscoAal5MIB (

Target[INT-RTR1]: at INT-RTR1 

MaxBytes[INT-RTR1]: 15000000
PageTop[INT-RTR1]: <H1>Georgetown Internet Utilization Statistics
Unscaled[INT-RTR1]: dwmy
Options[INT-RTR1]: growright, nopercent, integer,absolute,gauge
Ylegend[INT-RTR1]: Internet Usage
Legend3[INT-RTR1]: 5 minute Average Internet Usage


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