[mrtg] Cisco Catalyst 2900 Problem

john wear jdw at mps.ohio-state.edu
Wed May 31 18:58:35 MEST 2000


	I have a bunch if 2900 series switches that I've bought over the course
of the last few years.  MRTG works great with some of them, but with
others I
get "funny looking" graphs for usage.  In all cases I'm using cfgmaker
to build
the mrtg.cfg.  The funny looking graphs will be of the form:  almost no
on all ports of the switch, with a spike of usage every once in a while,
at 8:00, 13:00, 19:00, 0:00, etc.  The data in the log files corresponds
to the
weird usage patterns.  Each port on the switch in question will show
this pattern,
with data spikes at the same times, but with different magnitudes to the
The graphes for switches where I get "good" data look about as I'd
The switches which give good data are at rev level V11.2(8)SA4 or
above.  The
switches giving me funny looking data are all at rev level V11.2(8)SA2. 
anyone else experienced this problem, and/or has anyone upgraded the
on one of these Cisco switches without ruining it in the process?

Thanks, j.d.

J.D. Wear
*The* OSU Dept. of Physics
(614) 292-3401

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