[mrtg] Monitoring Lucent APX 8000 & RADIUS accountig/authentication

Vito Maltese Vito.Maltese at csi.it
Thu Nov 2 10:13:34 MET 2000

First of all, many thanks to Peter.

While waiting for an answer of the list, I found some useful documentation about
APX mibs: on the APX-8000 admin guide I found a brief list of mibs.

I prepared 4 .cfg file: one for monitoring total incoming calls (the mib I used
is, that gives the same value of,
the mib cited by Paul), one for monitoring in detail analogue and digital
incoming calls, one for monitoring accounting on radius and the last for
monitoring authentication on radius.

These are the .cfg I prepared:

#chiamate totali su APX8000
#wanActiveChannels (26)
Colours[_]: BIANCO#ffffff,BLU#0000ff,CREMA#ffcc99,ROSSO#e50000

WorkDir: /usr/local/apache/htdocs/mrtg/apx/active-call
Icondir: ../../../images

Target[active-call]: at HOST
Title[active-call]: APX 8000: chiamate totali in ingresso
PageTop[active-call]: <H1>Chiamate totali in ingresso<BR></H1>
<TABLE><TR><TD>System:</TD><TD>Lucent APX
8000</TD></TR><TR><TD>Description:</TD><TD>APX 8000 Software version
8.0.3</TD></TR><TR><TD>Max chiamate:</TD><TD>846</TD></TR></TABLE>
YLegend[active-call]:# chiamate
Legend2[active-call]: Numero totale chiamate
LegendO[active-call]: &nbsp;Chiamate:&nbsp;
Options[active-call]: gauge,growright,integer


#Chiamate in ingresso analogiche & digitali per APX 8000

WorkDir: /usr/local/apache/htdocs/mrtg/apx/call-in
Icondir: ../../../images

Title[call-in]: APX 8000 CSI Piemonte - chiamate in ingresso analogiche &
YLegend[call-in]: Digi & analog.
Options[call-in]: growright,gauge,integer
AbsMax[call-in]: 558
Target[call-in]: at HOST
PageTop[call-in]: <H1>Chiamate in ingresso analogiche & digitali<BR></H1>
<TABLE><TR><TD>System:</TD><TD>Lucent APX
8000</TD></TR><TR><TD>Description:</TD><TD>APX 8000 Software version
8.0.3</TD></TR><TR><TD>Max Analogiche:</TD><TD>288</TD></TR><TR><TD>Max
ShortLegend[call-in]: #
Legend1[call-in]: Chiamate in ingresso analogiche
Legend2[call-in]: Chiamate in ingresso digitali
LegendI[call-in]: Analogiche:&nbsp
LegendO[call-in]: Digitali:&nbsp


#Accounting RADIUS APX 8000

# radAcctRqstSent
# radAcctRspRcvd

WorkDir: /usr/local/apache/htdocs/mrtg/apx/radius-acct
Icondir: ../../../images
Interval: 10

Title[radius-acct]: APX 8000 CSI Piemonte - Richieste di accounting sul RADIUS e
risposte ricevute
YLegend[radius-acct]: Acct. Radius
Options[radius-acct]: growright,nopercent,integer
Target[radius-acct]: at HOST
PageTop[radius-acct]: <H1>Richieste di accounting sul RADIUS e risposte
ricevute<BR></H1> <TABLE><TR><TD>System:</TD><TD>Lucent APX
8000</TD></TR><TR><TD>Description:</TD><TD>APX 8000 Software version
ShortLegend[radius-acct]: #
Legend1[radius-acct]: Richieste di accounting
Legend2[radius-acct]: Risposte
LegendI[radius-acct]: Richieste:&nbsp
LegendO[radius-acct]: Risposte:&nbsp


#Autenticazioni RADIUS APX 8000

# radAuthLoginRqstSent
# radAuthRspRcvd

WorkDir: /usr/local/apache/htdocs/mrtg/apx/radius-auth
Icondir: ../../../images
Interval: 10

Title[radius-auth]: APX 8000 CSI Piemonte - Richieste di autenticazioni sul
RADIUS e risposte ricevute
YLegend[radius-auth]: Auth. Radius
Options[radius-auth]: growright,nopercent,integer
Target[radius-auth]: at HOST
PageTop[radius-auth]: <H1>Richieste di autenticazioni sul RADIUS e risposte
ricevute<BR></H1> <TABLE><TR><TD>System:</TD><TD>Lucent APX
8000</TD></TR><TR><TD>Description:</TD><TD>APX 8000 Software version
ShortLegend[radius-auth]: #
Legend1[radius-auth]: Richieste di autenticazione
Legend2[radius-auth]: Risposte di autenticazione ricevute
LegendI[radius-auth]: Richieste:&nbsp
LegendO[radius-auth]: Risposte:&nbsp

Beg your pardon for the language... but I think they are self-explaing even in

In our configuration, we have a separate radius server for accounting and
I checked some mibs in the radius group, but the ones I used in the .cfgs above
don't work (the value I have is always zero...).
I'm interested in monitoring also accounting and authenitication for veryfing
the correspondance of authentication and account requests and effective active
sessions: in brief I'm interested in monitoring also failed sessions.

Many thanks in advance.

Vito Maltese

Peter Lalor <plalor at infoasis.com> il 31/10/2000 18.01.14

Per:  mrtg at list.ee.ethz.ch
Cc:   Vito Maltese/CSI/IT at CSI

Oggetto:  Re: [mrtg] Monitoring Lucent APX 8000

>From: "Vito Maltese" <Vito.Maltese at csi.it>
>Anyone of the list has some experience in monitoring APX 8000 with mrtg.
>Has anyone found some useful MIBS for tracking modem usage? I'm reading some
>docs about the proprietary monitoring and management tools (i.e. Navis Access)
>but I haven't still found anything useful.

I haven't used an APX, but we use the Max TNT, which runs the same
code and uses the same slot cards. It'll probably be the same.

I was able to find the OIDs I needed in the Max TNT's SNMP manual.
The APX should also have one, but if not, download the TNT's manual.

Some useful OIDs: Current modem calls (callCurrentAnalogIncoming) Current ISDN calls (callCurrentDigitalIncoming) Current sessions (eventCurrentActiveSessions) (BusyLanModem) (availLanModem) Maximum available lines (wanAvailableChannels)

You can also graph a given hunt group by adding the lines that make
it up together. The OIDs vary based upon the slot and port the T1(s)
are in. Here's an example target with two PRI in a hunt group:

Target[twoprihunt]: at APX + at APX

The Ascend list is an excellent resource for Ascend/Lucent-related issues.

Peter Lalor           Infoasis
plalor at infoasis.com   http://www.infoasis.com/

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