[mrtg] MRTG vs Windoze 95/98/ME (rant)

Jeff Liebermann jeffl at comix.santa-cruz.ca.us
Fri Nov 10 06:02:25 MET 2000

On Thu, 09 Nov 2000 18:24:33 -0800, Jeff Liebermann
<jeffl at comix.santa-cruz.ca.us> wrote:

>Now, to update the web page...

Done.  Time for a rant.  See:
for how to bludgeon MRTG 2.9.4 into working on Windoze 95/98/ME

Naturally, as soon as it was half way working, I found additional
problems.  The "start" command is quite different between NT and
Windoze 95/98/ME.  Under NT, start can be used to run a program in the
background without having obnoxious boxes, one per Target, appear
every 5 minutes when the script runs.  Under Windoze 95/98/ME,
    start /minimized whatever
simply doesn't work.  So, I went back to the tried, true, and less
obnoxious batch file method.  If someone has a better idea or a fix, I
would be interested.

I'm also finding some weirdness in cfgmaker.  I point it to known
working servers and devices, and get a variety of error messages.  I
haven't found a pattern yet.  In all cases, I can uncomment the
resultant mrtg.cfg target section, and MRTG collects data normally and
without any errors.

Someone asked how many hits I get on my MRTG for Windoze 95/98 web
page.  It was about 30-40 per day, about 50% robots.  It's now running
about 120 per day and increasing as I suspect many people are trying
2.9.4 under Windoze 95/98/ME and are having problems.

I'm also getting 5-10 email messages per day from people asking for
help with MRTG.  Most are getting started questions and not about MRTG
for Windoze 95/98.  I try to answer what I can, but am getting rather
disgusted with those that don't supply any numeric information (OS, OS
version, MRTG version, router model, exact error, etc).  If someone
wants personal handholding, they can pay my exhorbitant consulting
rate.  Otherwise, make my life easy.

I also get a substantial number of the "what is the OID for..."
flavoured email.  This is not a trivial exercise and burns a huge
amount of time.  Please learn to use a MIB browser and download the
MIB's from the manufacturers web pile.

Ok, enough ranting...

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