[mrtg] Re: 14all.cgi speed problem

odie at rotta.tmt.tele.fi odie at rotta.tmt.tele.fi
Mon Nov 20 11:40:44 MET 2000

> If you can tweak it to run faster, please let me know.....

I've been hacking 14all.cgi for quite some time.  I've separated
the html generator from the imagegenerator.

I've also done it so that all necessary parameters are passed with
the url to the graph generator.

I think that basically it doesn't matter how long does generating
html take since it will be done only once.  Making image generation 
faster helps much more since one page can contain easily 50-100 targets
(an improvement of .1 second / image would make the page load 5-10seconds

I did another hack for authentication.  I arranged it so that html
is generated by requesting a config file and images are generated by
requesting rrd database.

User can then use standard .htaccess authentication with these scripts.

Since the program I use for drawing the actual graphs doesn't contain any
mrtg config parsing, it should be rather easy reimplement in C for speed.

I've been able to make this new script much faster than the original 14all.cgi
I used.  The new 14all has config cache which evens out the score.  The plus 
is that for these scripts you won't need to keep all config files in cache and 
you save memory and you get authentication.

  Osmo Paananen <Osmo.Paananen at sonera.com>            Tel: +358 2040 72263
  Systems specialist, Sonera Juxto / Internet Service Production

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