[mrtg] problem after upgrade to 2.9.4

Robert Bennett RBennett at edutech.org
Mon Nov 20 17:10:31 MET 2000


1st posting, have lurked for a while, thanks to all for all the info and
 to the mrtg creators 
  run MRTG 2.9.4 (upgraded from 2.9.0pre24) on NT 4.0 server
  monitor 100+ routers using 9 group cfg.s for ethernet/serial port
    and cpu utilization along with errors on some ports
  individual cfg.s done using IP# 
  groups based on location, relation, and type of info collected
  groups started from individual desktop bat files
  each group uses RunAsDeamom: yes (default time)  
  on pre24 this worked great! I could identify each group so I could 
  start & stop (I don't want automatic pick up of changes to .cfg, as I
  make many in advance of actual implementation), I could fire them off 
  in time windows to minimize overlap of polling cycles, I could look at
  the DOS window(s) during a polling cycle to see error conditions related
  to MRTG data collection or leave them minimized to work on other stuff

 my-problem(s) on 2.9.4:
  - every indv cfg within each group cfg flashes a dos window for
      execution of rateup.exe which makes working on the box impossible
      and the cfg doesn't stop when you 'X' the window... you have to go
      into NT task manager (which is tough with all the flashing boxes)
      and stop the perl.exe, which means you have to stop them all as you
      can't relate to a specific group cfg 
    ** I have browsed the messages and seen numerous entries about or 
        related to this from using the 'start /p', using the 'run box',
        to setting up 'mrtgkick' within task scheduler to fire off each
        group cfg
       I tried the above but they didn't fix my problem and though I am
        not sure I understand the full intent of each suggestion they
        don't seem to be what I am looking for... which is to have it work
        like it did in pre24
  - I noticed a longer time to completion then with pre24 for each group
      cfg (this is also mentioned in message 14801 -- with details)

       *** could longer time and flashing boxes be related ?, as in
             rateup.exe always did this, but it went so fast that
             it didn't show up on the screen 

 my-success on 2.9.4:
  - I got thresholds working for cpu util and line errors, which I couldn't
      do on pre24 (message 10228 mentioned an additional option called
      'ThresInterval, which I hope will be included in MRTG 3.0)

I look forward to comments, questions, & suggestions about my problem and procedure. 
I hope I didn't set up my cfg schema and mrtg execution based on a bug in
  pre24, o'well change is forever and the devil is in the details. 



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