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Josh Parker josh at blackboard.com
Mon Nov 20 19:25:27 MET 2000

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> > When I want to display "Yearly" graph with peak values it would 
> > show me 5 minute peak values instead of 5 minute peak 
> values averaged for 
> > 30minutes.
> There are no 5 minute peak values. There are 5 minute average values.
> And then there are "30 minute average values" and the 
> "maximum of the 5
> minute average values of 30 minutes" and so on.

Something I've been wondering, then...  In the MRTG logfiles, after the
first line it's got entries for avg in/out and max in/out for the 5 minute
intervals for like 600 lines and then the time increment increases after

For the increasing increments, I understand how there can be a max in/out --
just keep the max value from the averaged values in the previous time slot
(5 min, 30 min or 2 hours).  But, for the section with 5 minute increments,
how can there be a max value that's different than the avg in/out?  Why
aren't they the same?

Maybe I'm just not understanding the log-files eactly.  Here's a quick snip
from one of mine:
974744703 1775697889 3695273510
974744703 177753 785967 177753 785967
974744402 155078 739923 155078 739923
974744400 155343 740232 181604 770878
974744100 181614 770147 183141 770878

First line is obvious -- the current reading.
Second and third lines look correct with my reasoning (avg & max are the
Fourth and fifth (and all following lines) seem strange.  How can column B
be different than column D?  Does it have something to do with the different
time increments in the first column?

Thanks for the insight.  It's been sticking in my brain too long.


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