[mrtg] Re: HELP: MRTG logging different values from external prog ram

Roth, Gabrielle gabrielle.roth at xo.com
Mon Nov 27 22:45:33 MET 2000

Problem 1:
> My problem:  MRTG is not logging the same values that my 
> external script is
> sending.  In [target].log, the values are quite a bit 
> different than what my
> scripts are sending.  I know this from logging to a 
> completely separate
> file, and comparing the two value lists.
My first thought is, that's because mrtg is taking the delta of the current
(raw) value and the previous value.  The number written to the log file will
be the delta, and not the raw value.

Then I see this:
> Options[perfquery2]: growright gauge integer nopercent
This looks strange to me.  I can't find a reference to it in the docs
anywhere (ie I could be totally wrong), but every time I've used multiple
options, I've separated them with commas.  eg:  Options[perfquery2]:
growright, gauge
Is growright working?  It's possible that mrtg is just ignoring the rest of
the line.  That would explain why the gauge option isn't working, and you
are logging the deltas.  Have you done the math--captured the raw data and
calculated the delta, to see if that's what's in the log?  Whenever I get
unexpected results from mrtg, I whip out that calculator.

Problem 2:
> To make matters stranger, I created a script that issues the same two
> numbers over and over and over, never changing.  MRTG logged DIFFERENT
> values the very first time the script was called, but since 
> has been logging
> the correct values.
>The first time MRTG called the script, 
> it logged
> "389" and "584" instead, and then proceeded to log "400" and 
> "600" as you
> would expect.
My guess is, this has something to do with the perceived delta time.  I'm
not really sure how this works on the first time through.  Have you read
http://faq.mrtg.org/intro/mrtg.html?  This might help guide you.


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