[mrtg] Re: Protecting MRTG Files

Daniel R. Kilbourne drk at voyager.net
Mon Sep 18 20:15:53 MEST 2000

did you set up your httpd.conf file to allow protection?

here's an FAQ I wrote for work a while ago...

Here is how to password protect a directory in apache:
edit the httpd.conf
         add a section like this:
                 <Directory /export/home/netsite/httpd/blah>
                  AllowOverride AuthConfig

In that directory create a file called .htaccess and add this to the file:
AuthName www.blah.com
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFIle /home/httpd/access/.htpasswd
require valid-user

AuthName is the "context" of the authentication.
create the AuthUserFIle and add usernames and passwords like this: 
wages:jX2euHJNEp4Ck username:crypt
or use htpasswd to add them

then restart apache

At 01:08 PM 9/18/2000 -0500, Alan Rader wrote:

>Anyone have any experience with htpasswd?  I know this list is for MRTG, but
>this has to do with me protecting access  :)
>Anyway, I created the .htaccess file in the directory I want to protect.  I
>then used the htpasswd to create the password file in the directory I wanted
>it hidden in.  The .htaccess file points to that proper place.  But I can
>still get to the page without it prompting me for a user and pass.  This in
>on a unix based machine running apache.
>Is there anything I am missing?  Do I need to start or stop or restart any
>services or cron jobs?
>Thanks for any help or if you have a good source for this topic, a link
>would be great.
>Alan Rader
>Finish Line, Inc.
>Network Administrator
>arader at finishline.com
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