[mrtg] Re: HPUX System Monitoring

Steven Stringham SStringh at lrlaw.com
Thu Apr 5 18:51:45 MEST 2001

Try some of the following:

>>> Nasreddine Tabet-Aoul <Nasreddine.Tabet-Aoul at madgeweb.com> 09:53:53
AM 04/03/2001 >>>
I intend to monitor some HPUX system stats like CPU util and memory
Any came accross the HP Mib or the OID for CPU utilisation, Disk space

. at HPUX-Srvsys
. at HPUX-Srvsys
Title[HPUX-Srvcpup]: CPU Load on HPUX-Srvsys
MaxBytes[HPUX-Srvcpup]: 100
Ylegend[HPUX-Srvcpup]: CPU Load
PageTop[HPUX-Srvcpup]: <h2>CPU Load on HPUX-Srvsys</h2>
Options[HPUX-Srvcpup]: integer, growright
WithPeak[HPUX-Srvcpup]: wmy
LegendO[HPUX-Srvcpup]: User/System: &nbsp
LegendI[HPUX-Srvcpup]: Idle/Nice: &nbsp
Legend1[HPUX-Srvcpup]: Idle/Nice CPU Time
Legend2[HPUX-Srvcpup]: User/System CPU Time
Legend3[HPUX-Srvcpup]: Maximal Idle/Nice CPU Time
Legend4[HPUX-Srvcpup]: Maximal User/System CPU Time

. at HPUX-Srvsys
Title[HPUX-Srvmem]: Memory on HPUX-Srvsys
MaxBytes[HPUX-Srvmem]: 1310730
Ylegend[HPUX-Srvmem]: Memory Usage
PageTop[HPUX-Srvmem]: <h2>Memory on HPUX-Srvsys</h2>
Options[HPUX-Srvmem]: integer, gauge, growright
WithPeak[HPUX-Srvmem]: wmy
LegendO[HPUX-Srvmem]: Total: &nbsp
LegendI[HPUX-Srvmem]: Free: &nbsp
Legend1[HPUX-Srvmem]: Total Available System Memory
Legend2[HPUX-Srvmem]: Free System Memory
Legend3[HPUX-Srvmem]: Maximal Available System Memory
Legend4[HPUX-Srvmem]: Maximal Free System Memory

. at HPUX-SrvSYS
Title[HPUX-Srv_USERS]: Number of Sessions/Users Connected
MaxBytes[HPUX-Srv_USERS]: 100
Ylegend[HPUX-Srv_USERS]: Number of Users
PageTop[HPUX-Srv_USERS]: <H2>Number of Sessions/Users Connected</H2>
Options[HPUX-Srv_USERS]: integer, gauge, growright
WithPeak[HPUX-Srv_USERS]: wmy
LegendO[HPUX-Srv_USERS]: Sessions: &nbsp
Legend1[HPUX-Srv_USERS]: Number of users connected to HPUX-Srvsys
Legend3[HPUX-Srv_USERS]: Maximum Number of Users connected

. at HPUX-SrvSYS
Title[HPUX-Srv_SWAP]: Enabled Swap Space/In use Swap Space
MaxBytes[HPUX-Srv_SWAP]: 2023999
Ylegend[HPUX-Srv_SWAP]: Swap Usage
PageTop[HPUX-Srv_SWAP]: <H2>Swap Usage</H2>
Options[HPUX-Srv_SWAP]: integer, gauge, growright
WithPeak[HPUX-Srv_SWAP]: wmy
LegendO[HPUX-Srv_SWAP]: Swap: &nbsp
LegendI[HPUX-Srv_SWAP]: Swap Total: &nbsp
Legend1[HPUX-Srv_SWAP]: Space allocated to disk swapping
Legend3[HPUX-Srv_SWAP]: Free swap space
Legend1[_]: Total: &nbsp
Legend2[_]: Available: &nbsp

# Following is a sample for the drive allocations. You must find out
the numbers yourself
# using a tool like getif.
. at HPUX-Srvsys
Title[HPUX-Srvdisk_root]: Available Disk Space on HPUX-Srvsys on Volume
MaxBytes[HPUX-Srvdisk_root]: 86100
Ylegend[HPUX-Srvdisk_root]: Available MB
PageTop[HPUX-Srvdisk_root]: <h2>Available Disk Space on HPUX-Srvsys on
Volume <b>root</b></h2>
Options[HPUX-Srvdisk_root]: integer, gauge, growright
LegendO[HPUX-Srvdisk_root]: Total: &nbsp
LegendI[HPUX-Srvdisk_root]: Available: &nbsp
WithPeak[HPUX-Srvdisk_root]: wmy

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