[mrtg] Re: Kb/s or b/s

Kyrre Baker kyrre at kyrres.net
Mon Apr 9 04:51:25 MEST 2001

> Great.  What did you change?

I had to figure out the "target" I had to gather the data from. Luckely
I allready have some knowledge for the 801, and snmpwalked both the
routers and found out what the differences and right targets where.
Here`s the target:

> What I notice at a first glance is the huge (compared to the 
> rest) spike at 19:30.  This causes the rest of the traffic to 
> become virtually invisible.

Yes. That's right. The reason is (I think) that this network is resident
at our home, and noone was awake in the "invisible" timearea. :)
> Are you sure there isn't any local traffic involved?  That 
> is, traffic not going through the router?

There is some local traffic involved, but the main parts of the traffic
should come from "out there".
> Try to figure out if
> - there is no traffic that you didn't take into account

Hm. Don't thing so. DHCP, Sendmail, POP, HTTP and the usual ports are
alle routed via the Cisco.

> - the data returned by SNMP is correct (for instance, you
>   could roughly compare it to the output of ifconfig or
>   other tools)

There it is. I`l keep on looking. Thanks..

> Then compare the log files.  If you forget about this spike,
> do they more or less show similar numbers?

Rougly yes. But there is some noticable differences.

> What happens if you start a huge download.  Do the two graphs 
> show the same after a while?

No. What I cant seem to find out is if it`s k/s *or* kb/s that's the
right numbers for the FreeBSD og for the Cisco. When the traffic
increases on the Cisco, it also increases on the FreeBSD (and vicevera).
There`s only the matter off which of the graphs shows the "right"


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