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Tue Apr 10 19:54:10 MEST 2001


ive been playin with mrtg a lot since saturday and found
some info on graphing messages. one of the methods i found
was here:

which documents a site:

i setup sendmail's stats accordingly and setup the smtp-stats
program and inetd and everything on 2 different systems, only
one of which is publically accessable.

I just don't understand the logic behind the graphs.

first graph is:
stats are:
Statistics from Mon Apr  9 11:57:32 2001
 M   msgsfr  bytes_from   msgsto    bytes_to  msgsrej msgsdis  Mailer
 5      229        821K        3          7K        0       0  smtp
 9       98        102K      323        915K        0       0  relay
 T      327        923K      326        922K        0       0
 C      327                  326                    0
UPTIME:  10:51am  up 4 days, 15:33,  8 users,  load average: 0.02, 0.02,

I have another mail server(much more active) and it's stats are:
and it's stats are:
Statistics from Mon Apr  9 23:31:41 2001
 M   msgsfr  bytes_from   msgsto    bytes_to  msgsrej msgsdis  Mailer
 5      546       3451K      138        618K        0       0  smtp
 8       10        108K      413       2875K        0       0  relay
 T      556       3559K      551       3493K        0       0
UPTIME:  10:42am  up 72 days, 19:03,  1 user,  load average: 0.08, 0.03,

I just don't understand where the numbers mrtg is graphing
is comming from..also how both of the graphs could be sooo
close to each other even though the stats are totally different.
my .conf file looks like this:

Workdir: /home/mrtg/public_html/sendmail
Target[smtp-mail]: `/home/mrtg/bin/mailstats -m smtp -l
/home/mrtg/public_html/sendmail -p 9051 -s portal.aphroland.org`         
MaxBytes[smtp-mail]: 150
Options[smtp-mail]: gauge
Title[smtp-mail]: sendmail stats for portal.aphroland.org
PageTop[smtp-mail]: <H1> portal.aphroland.org SMTP Mail Statistics </H1>
XSize[smtp-mail]: 500
YSize[smtp-mail]: 200
WithPeak[smtp-mail]: dwmy
YLegend[smtp-mail]: No. of messages
ShortLegend[smtp-mail]: messages
LegendI[smtp-mail]: &nbsp;Incoming:
LegendO[smtp-mail]: &nbsp;Outgoing:

and for the other system:
Workdir: /home/mrtg/public_html/sendmail
Target[smtp-mail-wa2]: `/home/mrtg/bin/mailstats -m smtp -l
/home/mrtg/public_html/sendmail -p 9051 -s mail-wa2.xxx.xxx`         
MaxBytes[smtp-mail-wa2]: 150
Options[smtp-mail-wa2]: gauge
Title[smtp-mail-wa2]: sendmail stats for mail-wa2.xxx.xxx
PageTop[smtp-mail-wa2]: <H1> mail-wa2.xxx.xxx SMTP Mail Statistics </H1>
XSize[smtp-mail-wa2]: 500
YSize[smtp-mail-wa2]: 200
WithPeak[smtp-mail-wa2]: dwmy
YLegend[smtp-mail-wa2]: No. of messages
ShortLegend[smtp-mail-wa2]: messages
LegendI[smtp-mail-wa2]: &nbsp;Incoming:
LegendO[smtp-mail-wa2]: &nbsp;Outgoing:

im using the mailstats program i got from here:

MRTG is v2.8.9, OS is debian gnu/linux 2.2r2 on both
host and client machines.

is there another(or better?) way to graph sendmail stats?
i found a couple other ways but had a hard time getting
them working, this one at least produces something but
i don't understand the output



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