[mrtg] MRTG Upgrade Quesion

Dave Williams dave_williams at eli.net
Wed Apr 18 18:35:16 MEST 2001

 Has anyone ever written an MRTG Upgrade HOWTO?  I have MRTG 2.9.7 installed
on a Linux platform and would like to upgrade to 2.9.11 (I'm having some
Rateup heartburn over floating point values).  I searched the archives and
failed to find any discussions of this issue. 

 I have stored all my "mrtg.cfg" files and miscellaneous mrtg stuff I
developed to a separate directory.  So I presume all I need to do to perform
the upgrade is: 

1) Stop my cron jobs (recording what is running) 
2) Delete my mrtg binary directory 
3) Reinstall MRTG 2.9.11 to the "old" location for 2.9.7 (I previously
removed the 2.9.7 name structure using just /var/mrtg/...  as my directory
4) Make sure directory rights are restored to the MRTG "binary" directory 
5) Run configure 
6) Issue a new make 
7) Reload my cron jobs 


I presume that my existing mrtg.cfg files and log files do not need to be
rebuilt unless I want to take advantage of some of the new mrtg "Options
arguments".  Presumably rerunning IndexMaker will not be needed either. 

If anyone has done this before and knows of some gotcha'a I should be aware
of, please reply. 


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