[mrtg] Re: changing htm name

David Eshelman deshelman at crawford.com
Fri Apr 27 06:10:24 MEST 2001

here is the deal
i have batch files which copy the files into each directory now
and it renames the htm file to default.htm
i would like to eliminate these batch files

(yes i have done my research before posting)

i looked into mrtg.cfg trying to hack it...
but i have not really done much programming  :p

was hoping someone may have tried this..
i guess i will just have to change the default filename in IIS
for each individual directory (arg)

but i would be very grateful if someone came up with a better solution
as a hack or in a later version ;)

thank you very much for everyone's input

W. David Eshelman
Associate Network Engineer
Crawford Communications, Inc.
W: 678-421-6850
C: 678-665-5545
deshelman at crawford.com

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-  David Eshelman wrote:
-  >
-  > How would i go about changing the htm filename mrtg creates by default?
-  >
-  > EX:  Target[router]:
-  > at router
-  >
-  > this will create  router.htm
-  >
-  > i want it to create default.asp or default.htm
-  If I understand you correctly you'd like an option to have several
-  directories, each having a single target.  The directory should
-  get the name that mrtg would normally use for the target, and the
-  target should be called default.
-  I don't think this can be done by cfgmaker (I'm sure somebody will
-  correct me if I'm wrong) but I do know you need a separate config
-  file per target. This is because the name will be taken from the
-  target and you need different names per target.
-  Probably the best way to go is to write a batch file of your own
-  that creates the several config files (using parameters).  You
-  could have cfgmaker create a config file and then alter this file
-  as desired (in your script).
-  You should set workdir in each file to (for instance) "/www",
-  alter each "[router]" into "[default]",
-  add "Extension[default]: asp"
-  add "Directory[default]: router",
-  etcetera.
-  HTH
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