[mrtg] Segmentation Fault in MRTG

Oscar Klein Koerkamp OKleinK at nlr.nl
Mon Aug 6 12:03:54 MEST 2001


I'm using MRTG version 2.9.17 on SunOS 5.7 running perl 5.005_03 and
rrdtool 1.0.33
If I start MRTG manualy on the commandline it all works fine.
But when I put exactly the same command in the crontab I get a
'Segmentation fault (coredump)' every time the command is executed.
The username is the same in both cases.
I am not such a programmer that I can debug the coredump file.
Although MRTG seams to have a problem, all the targets in the
configfile are processed and the rrdfiles are written with sane data, 
so the graphics are fine.
I don't like a permanent large coredump file in my filesystem...

I tried to run MRTG as a deamon, the strange thing that happens is 
that I get a 'Segmentation Fault (coredump)' at the commandline, 
but the deamon is started anyway. 
The deamon also processes all targets fine everytime it runs.
Although this might be a solution to the problem I desire to run it by
cron for several reasons.
Later I tried to add 'Forks: 4' to the mrtg.cfg file, from that point
a get no more 'Segmentation Fault' running MRTG as a deamon.
With this in mind I think the segmentation faults have something to do
with memory usage or forking.
So, that leaves me with the problem that MRTG won't run normally from

The previous version(2.7.1) is still working fine on the same machine.
Even if I temporary stop that version, the 2.9.17 version gives me 
Segmentation Faults.

What does the cron user do different in comparison to the same user
on the commandline?

Any ideas?

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