[mrtg] Re: Using the include statement

McClain, Dave mcclad at jacobsons.com
Wed Aug 8 21:26:22 MEST 2001

Hello All 

I am having problems with the include statements.  My config file is as

WorkDir: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mrtg\logs

RunAsDaemon: Yes
Interval: 5

Include: c:\mrtg2917\bin\mwdomain3.cfg
Include: c:\mrtg2917\bin\sms.cfg
Include: c:\mrtg2917\bin\openview.cfg
Include: c:\mrtg2917\bin\magic.cfg
Include: c:\mrtg2917\bin\sts_mew.cfg
Include: c:\mrtg2917\bin\sts_db1.cfg
Include: c:\mrtg2917\bin\ace2.cfg
Include: c:\mrtg2917\bin\backup.cfg
Include: c:\mrtg2917\bin\mwprint.cfg
Include: c:\mrtg2917\bin\hemlnets.cfg
Include: c:\mrtg2917\bin\hemlnedb.cfg
Include: c:\mrtg2917\bin\proxy.cfg
Include: c:\mrtg2917\bin\ras.cfg
Include: c:\mrtg2917\bin\vpn.cfg

The error message is:  > in CFG file <c:\mrtg2917\bin\sms.cfg>  does not
make sense

I put each include statement on a separate line.  Any ideas?

Thank you


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McClain, Dave wrote:

> I am trying to create graphs for several servers, and would like to find
> how to use the include statement (syntax).  I have a seperate config file
> created for each server, and I would like to know if one config file can
> used (with the include statement) to call each of the seperate config

You probably should remove some lines from each of the config files.
I never tried it but I can imagine that multiple Workdir statements
are going to be a problem.

Start with one big -working- config file.  Create an empty file which
should be included.  Now set "Include: /path/to/this/file" into the
config file.  Rerun MRTG to see if you did it right.  Now start moving
(not copying) lines from the big config file into the included file.

Of course you don't have to follow the exact recipe but it tells you
how the end result should look.  Essentially after replacing each
include statement with its file contents, you should end up with
your original config file.

More hints:
In the main config file you can define globals (like Workdir),
defaults (XSize[_]: 400), prefixes (Options[^]: growright)
etcetera.  Then in the included files just use the Target and
other necessary items.

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