[mrtg] Description for interfaces

Keith Olmstead kolmstea at centurytel.net
Wed Aug 8 22:00:26 MEST 2001


I don't know if this is helpful for people or not, but I have been wanting 
to get the description of the interface like it is on the interface in the 
router and I have found the line that you need to change to get this listed 
on your Top graph.

What you need to do is change the following lines in cfgmaker.

${c}Title[$name]: $refdesc$refsimp -- $$s{sysName}
${c}PageTop[$name]: <H1>$refdesc$refsimp -- $$s{sysName}</H1>


${c}Title[$name]: $$i{RDescr} $$i{ifAlias} $$i{CiscolocIfDescr}
${c}PageTop[$name]: <H1>$$i{RDescr} $$i{ifAlias} $$i{CiscolocIfDescr}</H1>

What this does is instead of getting "Traffic Analysis for ..." you get 
description that you put on the router interface.  This is useful to me 
when you have 7513 with 50+ interfaces and you what to know what the 
interface is.  This changes your cfg file that you make when you run 
cfgmaker.  It changes the following in the config:

Title[rt.xx_IPaddress]: Traffic Analysis for IPaddress -- rt.xx
PageTop[rt.xx_IPaddress]: <H1>Traffic Analysis for IPaddress -- rt.xx </H1>


Title[rt.xx_IPaddress]: FastEthernet4/0 Tiara MLPPP To Little Rock, AR
PageTop[rt.xx_IPaddress]: <H1>FastEthernet4/0 Tiara MLPPP To Little Rock, 
AR </H1>

My cfg statement is:

./cfgmaker --ifdesc=descr --ifref=ip --descint 
--output=/home/mrtg/configs/rt.xx.cfg t --global "workdir: 
/home/mrtg/public_html/network-stats/" --global "options[_]: bits" --global 
"LogFormat:  rrdtool" --global "PathAdd: /usr/local/rrdtool/bin/" --global 
"LibAdd: /usr/local/rrdtool/lib/perl/" public at rt.xx

Like I said earlier I don't know if this is helpful to anyone but me, but 
if it helps just one person that's enough for me.  Hell, I don't even know 
if this makes any sense to anyone else but me ;-)


Keith Olmstead
CenturyTel Network

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