[mrtg] Re: Monitoring Network traffic on Cisco 3620...

Daniel J McDonald dmcdonald at digicontech.com
Tue Aug 28 17:06:26 MEST 2001

>I have installed MRTG-2.9.17, Active Perl 5.6.x, SNMP service and Microsoft
>Installer 1.1 on my Windows 95 system.
>Now, I want to monitor the network traffic on my Cisco 3620 router, which
>also on my LAN.
>Pls. advise me step by step how to go about this right from the very
>beginning, I'm a novice in Net Monitoring.

Step 1.  Find someone with administrative privilege on the 3620.

Step 2.  have the administrator log onto the router and verify that there is
a community string with read access that is permitted from your workstation.
If you are the administrator, try something like:
router> en
enable password:
router# config t
router#(config) access-list 97 permit host
router#(config) snmp community HaRd2GuE$s ro 97
router#(config) exit
router# copy run start

In the previous example, I am assuming that access-list 97 isn't used by
anything else, and that your host address is

Step 3.  Run cfgmaker just like you did for your own box, using the
community string you specified (or the administrator gave you) in step 2.
You may either create a new file or append to the old file.  For
scalability, I'd suggest you create a new file.  I'd also suggest that you
use one of the ifRef options, such as:
c:\ perl cfgmaker --ifref=ifname --output=myrouter.cfg HaRd2GuE$s at

Step 4.  If you created a separate file, go edit your existing config file
and add a line near the top after the workdir: line

include: myrouter.cfg

Step 5.  Go read the previous thread about the 3640 to monitor memory and

Step 6.  Watch the graphs that are produced and decide when you want to
upgrade to a bigger router.  The 3620 is kind of an odd-duck, eclipsed in
performance by the 2650 and rather underpowered for most of the things you
can toss in it.

Daniel J McDonald, CCIE 2495, CNX
Principal Network Specialist
Digicon Technologies

Digicon, a Cisco Partner, Silver Certified.

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