[mrtg] Incorrect values given on 'average'

David Sawyer david.sawyer at uk.mckhboc.com
Wed Aug 29 15:08:57 MEST 2001

Yesterday I added all my routers to MRTG/RRDTool/14all to graph errors,
using my GUI script maker took no time at all :-)

But when I look at the graphs I notice the max and current values are
correct but the average values are showing silly values below is my config
and the daily graph.

Target[war-walsall-errors]:\Serial0&\Serial0:public at
Options[war-walsall-errors]: growright, perhour, nopercent, integer,
MaxBytes[war-walsall-errors]: 1000
AbsMax[war-walsall-errors]: 10000
XSize[war-walsall-errors]: 600
Kilo[war-walsall-errors]: 1000
Suppress[war-walsall-errors]: MY
YLegend[war-walsall-errors]: Errors
ShortLegend[war-walsall-errors]: Errors
Legend1[war-walsall-errors]: Inbound errors per hour
Legend2[war-walsall-errors]: Outbound errors per hour
Title[war-walsall-errors]: Errors for Walsall
PageTop[war-walsall-errors]: <H1>Walsall</H1>

I have just added the same configs to use MRTG/Rateup and everything is

Is there an issue using 14all and the perhour option?
ie do you run into problems like this if there isn't much data to be


David Sawyer
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