[mrtg] Re: Wan spikes

Paul C. Williamson pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Fri Aug 31 15:10:50 MEST 2001

Sounds like that is in the config now. If not, it probably would not help matters.


>>> David Sawyer <david.sawyer at uk.mckhboc.com> 08/31/01 08:38 AM >>>
I suppose not having 'unknaszero' would lessen the spikes?

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> The easiest explaination is this:  MRTG does rates.  
> MRTG retrieves a value.  No response.  MRTG, thinks, "Great, 
> I'll just enter a zero."  Next time, gets the same thing, no response, 
> zeo goes into the log.  Then the next time, it gets a response, and it 
> is huge.  So the rate for that period of time is huge.  The problem is
> thec
>  ounter was incrementing the whole time mrtg could not talk to the device,
> but the device did not know that.  Then the next poll, it gets a
> huge+smallv
>  alue, and puts that in as the rate between n and n-300 seconds.  It
> happens 
> sometimes when you first start monitoring devices as well.  
> It's a problem, but I don't know how I'd solve it with MRTG.  Sounds likeo
>  nce you are able to poll the device, you need to reset the counters
>  rtg can poll it again.  That will eliminate the possibility of the huge
> spike.
> I know that isn't realistic all the time, but it may get someone
> thinking...
> Paul
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