[mrtg] Does YTicsFactor Work?

Darren E. Broder dbroder at capcollege.bc.ca
Tue Dec 11 09:05:38 MET 2001

Hello All!

Has anyone successfully used the YTicsFactor option in their .cfg files?

I'm monitoring several Powerware UPSes that return their Current in Amps*10
and their Frequency (voltage frequency?) in Hertz*10.  It seems that
YTicsFactor should be the silver bullet here, but I'm been unable to 'make
it work'.

I'm running the lastest MRTG and ActiveState Perl on W2K... and here an
example of my config files are included.

Can YTicsFactor co-exist with gauge? absolute?


Thanks very much!

Darren E. Broder
Network Manager, Capilano College
dbroder at capcollege.bc.ca

### Interface 4 >> Descr: 'Fr207ups1 - Frequency' | Name: 'Fr207ups1' | Ip:
'xxx' | Eth: 'xxx' ###
Target[Fr207ups1_4]: at fr207ups1
MaxBytes[Fr207ups1_4]: 650
Title[Fr207ups1_4]: Fr207ups1 - Frequency (in Hertz x10)
PageTop[Fr207ups1_4]: <H1>Fr207ups1 - Frequency (in Hertz x10)</H1>
Options[Fr207ups1_4]: gauge, nopercent, absolute, growright
# Unscaled[Fr207ups1_4]: dwmy
YLegend[Fr207ups1_4]: Hertz (x10)
ShortLegend[Fr207ups1_4]: dHz
Legend1[Fr207ups1_4]: Fr207ups1 - Input Frequency (in Hertz x10)
Legend2[Fr207ups1_4]: Fr207ups1 - Output Frequency (in Hertz x10)
LegendI[Fr207ups1_4]: &nbsp;Input Frequency:
LegendO[Fr207ups1_4]: &nbsp;Output Frequency:
YTicsFactor[Fr207ups1_4]: 0.1

### Interface 6 >> Descr: 'Fr207ups1 - Current' | Name: 'Fr207ups1' | Ip:
'xxx' | Eth: 'xxx' ###
Target[Fr207ups1_6]: at fr207ups1
MaxBytes[Fr207ups1_6]: 100
Title[Fr207ups1_6]: Fr207ups1 - Current (in Amps x10)
PageTop[Fr207ups1_6]: <H1>Fr207ups1 - Current (in Amps x10)</H1>
Options[Fr207ups1_6]: gauge, nopercent, absolute, growright
# Unscaled[Fr207ups1_6]: dwmy
YLegend[Fr207ups1_6]: Amps (x10)
ShortLegend[Fr207ups1_6]: amps (x10)
Legend1[Fr207ups1_6]: Fr207ups1 - Input Current (in Amps x10)
Legend2[Fr207ups1_6]: Fr207ups1 - Output Current (in Amps x10)
LegendI[Fr207ups1_6]: &nbsp;Input Amps:
LegendO[Fr207ups1_6]: &nbsp;Output Amps:
YTicsFactor[Fr207ups1_6]: 0.1

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