[mrtg] Re: SMTP and POP3 Monitoring

Paul C. Williamson pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Wed Dec 26 19:51:10 MET 2001

Ah, now we're getting somewhere....you want to know HOW MANY emails, 
not the traffic (in bytes) involved...

Consider how you would get this information via a command line interface...

Then write a small script to automate that.  Then put it into the format 
MRTG requires...

I don't know of an OID that would give you this information.


>>> "zeeshan ahmed" <zeshann at worldcall.net.pk> 12/26/01 01:43PM >>>
i just want to monitor how much emails come and go from my server.
so can ti do it.

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> I know you can monitor traffic - no kidding.  But you can't (out of the
> as easily monitor traffic on ports. He's asking for us to hold his hand.
> If you want to give him a fish - go ahead.  I'm trying to teach him
> *how* to fish.  Maybe after he starts thinking for himself, his initial
> reaction will NOT be to e-mai the list.
> Paul ;-)
> >>> "David Gitman" <david at gitman.net> 12/26/01 01:30PM >>>
> What SMTP and POP3 servers are you using?
> BTW you can easily monitor traffic.
> David Gitman
> david at gitman.net 
> www.gitman.net 
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> What do you want to monitor?  Traffic?  MRTG can't do that, only because
> most host operating systems don't keep track of traffic through specific
> ports.  Do you want to monitor uptime of the ports?  If so, MRTG is not
> the tool either.
> Paul
> >>> "zeeshan ahmed" <zeshann at worldcall.net.pk> 12/26/01 11:43AM >>>
> Thanks for the reply now i have cleard all the graph, Now please can
> anyone help in monitoring SMTP and POP3 servers running on Solaris.
> If possible can i anyone send me the sample cfg file. That will be more
> appriciated.
> Thanks
> Zeeshan AHmed
> Netwrok Engineer Worldcall DotCom

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