[mrtg] MRTG together w/ Cisco 1720 & Accounting

Johannes Posel j.posel at gci-management.com
Tue Jan 9 05:55:02 MET 2001

Hi there!

I am trying to get some IP accounting working on our internet connection. We are using MRTG v.2.9.7. compiled from the tar archive. MRTG itself works fine, as one can see (http://gatekeeper.its-toasted.org/router/), but we need the IP accounting stuff.

I tried both the "cisco_ip_acc_collect.pl" and the "whodo" module from /contrib directory. Only the latter works a bit, the first has real problems with our router, as it seems :/ We use a Cisco 1720, where we enabled SNMP.

The "whodo" stuff works up to the point where it collects and writes out .CSV files. that can be viewed w7o problem in applications like Excel, but MRTG seems not to be able to use them. I installed each and every module for drawing and plotting that was mentionned in the several READMEs, but to no avail. Im really lost, I'm pretty sure it's something easy and straight-forward, but I can't see it ;(

Is there perhaps a step by step HOWTO or something like this? What we/I need is as follows:

We've got a leased line and around 3 LANs hooked up, managed by 3 separate routers, one Linux. The Linux machine (SuSE 7pro) runs MRTG. The LANs all use RFC1918-IPs (10.0.x.x), and the routers have 3 different IPs from our IP space.

I need to be able to tell bi-monthly (monthly is ok too) how much traffic each IP has made.

If anybody has any solution or tip or anything that'd be great!

Thanks very much and Take care,

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