[mrtg] Re: Add incoming and outgoing bits.

Craig J Suchland CSUCHLA at ppco.com
Fri Jan 19 22:37:36 MET 2001

You can do it using "multi target syntax" and reversing the in/out on the second
entry, like this:

       Target[ezwf]:  2:public at xyz + -2:public at xyz

This will make "in" and "out" on the chart both equal to in+out.

Now, what I'd REALLY like to do is have, for example, one line equal "out" and
the second equal "in+out" - but I haven't been able to figure out if it's
possible, and if so, what the proper syntax would be.  I would have guessed
something like:

       Target[ezwf]:  ifInOctets.2&ifInOctects.2 + ifOutOctects.2:public at xyz

(btw, this does not work!)


> Hi,
>  I use mrtg to monitor traffic out of my CISCO router and it works fine.
> Now I want to make certain changes in the HTML file generated.
>    Among other statistics there is the Current In and Current out rate
> displayed. What I want is another entry showing the total of the two.This
> addition makes it handy to compare with the total bandwidth and thus give a
> quick statistic of the % network utilization. Is this possible. If yes then
> can anyone please tell me how?
> any help will be welcome.
> Thanks,
> Chetan

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