[mrtg] ThreshProgI requirement

Ni Patrick-A11024 Patrick.Ni at motorola.com
Tue Jan 23 06:24:08 MET 2001


  I keep getting the following error message:
  ERROR: CFG Error in "threshprogi[anvil-net18.ping]", line 0: Threshold program
`/local/mrtg/bin/test` cannot be executed

  At the end of this email, is the "test" program and "ping.cfg" file. I am not
sure whethere there is any requirment on the external script to be trigged.

  Please advise. Thanks.


#! /usr/bin/perl

require 5.6.0;

use lib "/local/mrtg/lib/mrtg2";

use SNMP_util "0.77";

sub main {

    @args = ("mailx -s bad  pni < /dev/null");
    system @args;


exit 0;

Workdir: /local/apache-1.3.12/htdocs/mrtg/ping

Forks: 4
WriteExpires: Yes
Refresh: 300
#interval: 10

Target[anvil-net18.ping]: `/local/mrtg-ping-probe/mrtg-ping-probe -s -k 10 -l 56 -o -n anvil-net18` 
MaxBytes[anvil-net18.ping]: 20
AbsMax[anvil-net18.ping]: 50
Options[anvil-net18.ping]: gauge,nopercent
Title[anvil-net18.ping]: Ping response time (round trip) for anvil-net18
PageTop[anvil-net18.ping]: <H1>Ping response time (round trip) for anvil-net18</H1>
YLegend[anvil-net18.ping]: Round Trip Time
ShortLegend[anvil-net18.ping]: ms
Legend1[anvil-net18.ping]: Maximum Round Trip Time in ms
Legend2[anvil-net18.ping]: Minimum Round Trip Time in ms
Legend3[anvil-net18.ping]: Maxmimal 5 Minute Maxmum Round Trip Time in ms
Legend4[anvil-net18.ping]: Maxmimal 5 Minute Minimum Round Trip Time in ms
LegendI[anvil-net18.ping]: &nbsp;Max:
LegendO[anvil-net18.ping]: &nbsp;Min:
WithPeak[anvil-net18.ping]: ymwd
ThreshMinI[anvil-net18.ping]: 1
ThreshMaxI[anvil-net18.ping]: 5
ThreshProgI[anvil-net18.ping]: `/local/mrtg/bin/test`

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