[mrtg] Re: Problem with Graphing Processor Load for AS/400

Sumeet Parashar sumeet_parashar at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 3 07:15:06 MEST 2001


Well as you suggested I have already tried the explicit OID and also I tried 
"hrprocessorload.2&hrprocessorload.2" for plotting but I still get the same 
error (even when using numeric OID). The snmpget works perfect on the other 

I am really confused now!! Please help

Thanks for the help


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The other problem *could* be that you are referencing the OID incorrectly.  
Have you tried the . rather than hrProcessorLoad.0 
in the cfg file?  Remember that MRTG needs two values.  So unless you have 2 
processors, you need to graph the same value twice, graph processor load and 
some other value that returns zero, or proc load and something else that may 
relate to that value...  I would try at least the instances of .0, .1, .2 
and .3 to verify how many instances of the hrProcessorLoad mib will respond. 
  I would agree with Alex, it's probably a dual processor system, and you'll 
need to reference both the .1 and .2 instance.


 >>> Alex van den Bogaerdt <alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl> 07/02/01 08:02AM >>>

Sumeet Parashar wrote:

 > #snmpget public .
 > host.hrDevice.hrProcessorTable.hrProcessorEntry.hrProcessorLoad.2 = 37

hrProcessorLoad.2 is working ...

 > Target[x]: hrProcessorLoad.0&hrProcessorLoad.2

... and this receives an error.  The logical conclusion
is that hrProcessorLoad.0 is wrong.  Try snmpwalk on
and see which instances are there.  If it is a dual processor system,
the instances will most likely be 1 and 2, not 0 and 2.

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