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Sorry I forgot to mention this. Yes the C drive is instance .2 and D drive 
is .3 and what is confusing is that SNMP walk is returning the value which I 
have checked to be correct.

Yet in graph there is nothing for C drive. D drive is normal.

Are you sure that the instances are correct ? I mean, .2 is it really C and
.3 D ??

Maybe check this by doing a snpwalk on .
This returns all the Descriptors of Storage Units. For example on my

Variable = .
Value    = String A:\

Variable = .
Value    = String C:\ Label:  Serial Number 175812d1

Variable = .
Value    = String D:\

Variable = .
Value    = String Virtual Memory

End of MIB subtree.

The order of instances depends of your hardware config (what if you have two
floppy disks ? and 2 CD-Roms ? ....).

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Hello all,

I moved a ladder up from routers and switches to my win2k servers. I tested
the hard disk utilization of one of my servers (two drives C and D). Now
surprisingly the config is identical yet the D drive utilization shows up
and not the first one i.e C.

1-Just want to know if I made a mistake?
2-Is there a better way of doing this?

Thanks all.


#Hard disk C utilization

YLegend[server_Cdisk_util]: KBytes Used
Options[server_Cdisk_util]: gauge, growright
Target[server_Cdisk_util]: at server * 4096
MaxBytes[server_Cdisk_util]: 5239500800
XSize[localhost.storageUsed]: 300
ShortLegend[server_Cdisk_util]: Blocks
Legend1[server_Cdisk_util]: HDD Utilization
Legend2[server_Cdisk_util]: .
Legend3[server_Cdisk_util]: Max value per interval on graph
Legend4[server_Cdisk_util]: .
LegendI[server_Cdisk_util]: HDD Utilization
LegendO[server_Cdisk_util]: .
WithPeak[server_Cdisk_util]: ymw
Title[server_Cdisk_util]: Proxy Server
PageTop[server_Cdisk_util]: <H1>server C drive Utilization</H1>

#Hard disk D utilization

YLegend[server_Ddisk_util]: KBytes Used
Options[server_Ddisk_util]: gauge, growright
Target[server_Ddisk_util]: at server * 4096
MaxBytes[server_Ddisk_util]: 3816497152
XSize[localhost.storageUsed]: 300
ShortLegend[server_Ddisk_util]: Blocks
Legend1[server_Ddisk_util]: HDD Utilization
Legend2[server_Ddisk_util]: .
Legend3[server_Ddisk_util]: Max value per interval on graph
Legend4[server_Ddisk_util]: .
LegendI[server_Ddisk_util]: HDD Utilization
LegendO[server_Ddisk_util]: .
WithPeak[server_Ddisk_util]: ymw
Title[server_Ddisk_util]: Proxy Server
PageTop[server_Ddisk_util]: <H1>server D drive Utilization</H1>

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