[mrtg] Re: many cfg files!

f741r f741r at unb.ca
Fri Jul 13 13:49:20 MEST 2001

Here is a copy of my generic.cfg, however, I'm still getting many instances of 
perl running when i look in the task manager. I think it's a problem with 
my"runAsDaemon" statement. I currently have it in the generic.cfg as well as 
the cfgs for the various routers. If you figure this out, could you please let 
me know. If you have any questions about this, also let me know!


LogFormat: rrdtool
PathAdd: c:\apps\rrdtool\src\tool_release\
LibAdd: c:\apps\rrdtool\perl-shared

WorkDir: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mrtg
Options[_]: growright,bits

Include: c:\apps\mrtg\mrtg-2.9.14\bin\NBSR.cfg
Include: c:\apps\mrtg\mrtg-2.9.14\bin\SusNursery.cfg
Include: c:\apps\mrtg\mrtg-2.9.14\bin\wdlleortr89.cfg

That's about it. Just write the path to all your other cfg files.
It should work. However, I'm finding that using Firedaemon to start the 
process, even when I stop it, it still updates the graphs. Does anyone know 


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>Hi Raman,
>Would you mind sharing your generic.cfg with me,  I've many routers would
>like to put in on cfg file.
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>Subject: [mrtg] many cfg files!
>I am trying to monitor many routers.
>I have a script file for each. I have made a 'generic.cfg' file that
>'includes' all these files. Now my question is, is the generic.cfg run as a
>daemon, are the cfgs for each router run as a daemon or are both or neither.
>am using Firedaemon as the service initiator.
>Thanks advance
>Help would be greatly appreciated
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