[mrtg] ANNOUCNE mrtg-2.9.13 and 14

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Sat Jun 2 10:49:14 MEST 2001


Yesterday I have released mrtg 2.9.14

You can find the gem in the usual place

The most Important New Feature in this release is certainly the
massive enhancement of cfgmaker created by Jakob Ilves. It can now
work with templates which means you can produce Plugin-Like
elements for monitoring different kind of equipment ... Realy Cool
... Thanks Jakob for his contribution.

Here are the changes in detail:

Changes 2.9.14
From: Martin.Frys at newtonit.cz
 * fix for configure ... -lfreetrype will not work :-)
From: Tobi
 * propper caching for new gd lib variant tests in configure.in

Changes 2.9.13
From: Damien <damien at detonate.net>
 * contrib mrtg_php_portal
From: HERITIER Hervé <hh at handco.org>
 * contrib iptables_acc_snmp
From: Pascal Eeftinck <arcade at planet.nl>
 * snmpv2 regexp did not match in cfgmaker
From: Alexander V Redyuk <aredyuk at irmcity.com>
 * russian translation to windows-1251 russian charset.
From: Klaus_Klein at mckinsey.com
 * contrib apc_ups monitor
From: Ratko Bucic <ratko at ban.junis.ni.ac.yu>
 * serbian language translation updated
From: O'Shaughnessy Evans <shaug at wumpus.org>
 * fix for indexmakers extension feature
From: Dinko Korunic <kreator at fly.srk.fer.hr>
 * croatian translation
From: Graziano <graziano.sommariva at elsag.it>
 * updated cfgmaker_dlci contrib with work with win32
From: Jamaludin Ahmad <jamaludin at jamalinux.com>
 * Indonesian and Malaysian translations
From: "Newman, Daniel" <NewmanD at telergy.net>
 * contrib document monitoring Cisco BPX and MGX switches with MRTG
From: Tobi
 * improved mrtg logfile format description
 * require perl 5.005 for mrtg_lib
 * populateconfcache steps across non existing tables gracefully
 * in mrtg, handle bigint more carefully and remove excess + from
   results as some perls seem to crash on them ...
 * check if gd was linked with jpeg and even freetype ...
 * if $main::debugfile is set to a writeable filename, all output
   form mrtg will go there (Firedeamon Suggenstion)
 * SNMP_Session 0.86 added ... lenient_source_port_matching
   replaces the add hock only_ip_address_matching
   from mrtg 2.9.11 ... AS/400 folks beware
 * added --section=portname to indexmaker
 * try to fix IsCounterBroken test in cfgmaker ... just cant find
   any broken coutners to test this :-(
From: Jakob Ilves <jakob.ilves at oracle.com>
 * configuration templates for cfgmaker ... read the docs
 * fix for broken --dns-domain in cfgmaker


PS: the http://people.ee.ethz.ch/~oetiker/wish link works again,
    it was broken most of May ... :-)

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