[mrtg] Memory Leak?

Jon Viventi jviventi at Princeton.EDU
Wed Jun 6 21:01:22 MEST 2001

Appologies in advance, I'm new to linux and MRTG.

I'm running MRTG 2.9.12a on a Pentium III 600 w/ 384meg of ram and 20gig
hard drive. OS is RedHat 7.1. All the RPMs should be up to date, I ran the
RedHat network tool and updated all the packages. I set MRTG up last friday
on about 500 routers and it seemed to run pretty well. However, I've been
working on index pages, security, etc, and by today it seems to have slowed
down a lot. When I started the box it would run through the routers in about
a minute, but by today it was starting to take over 5 minutes, so I was
getting warnings from cron. Oh, that reminds me. I'm starting 10 instances
of MRTG every 5 minutes from /etc/crontab corresponding to each of the
customer's networks.
	So anyway, I rebooted the box, and left it alone with top running. It
started out at about 360megs RAM free, then after the first run of MRTG it
was at 256 free, then 180, etc, and now its at 34 megs free. It says I've
got 258 megs cached, though...  Is this operation normal? How should I be
doing this to maximize performance? I have more routers I'd like to add, and
it seems like it can handle more, at least when it first starts up.

Also, is there a good way to handle down sites so they dont generate an
error message and slow down the data collection? We have other software
monitoring down routers...


-jon viventi

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