[mrtg] Re: Two Questions (scale and archives)

Shane Hickey shane at howsyournetwork.com
Sun Jun 10 23:34:59 MEST 2001

First off, thanks to everyone for the info on these questions.  I've decided 
to use the Unscaled but set the MaxBytes to something more reasonable 
(because when I graphed ethernet traffic, you couldn't really see a lot of 
the graphs)  Then I used AbsMax so that if my "reasonable" max was exceeded I 
couldn't lose graph data.  Thanks to Paul Williamson for this idea.

As far as the archives idea.  I ended up setting up MRTG to generate rrd 
logfiles.  Then I'm using 14all.cgi for my basic viewing and a modified 
version to look at the archives.

Thanks much,


On Sunday 10 June 2001 06:55, you spoke thusly:
> Jim Hunt wrote:
> > "Unscaled" would make all graphs use the same scale (providing the
> > interfaces ae the same).
> Or, if the interfaces are of different throughput, provide an excellent
> way of showing how busy each interface is relatively to its capacity.
> Some people don't want to know an interface is at 32kbps, they want to
> know it is at 50%  When all graphs display 100% it is easy to spot the
> interfaces that require more bandwidth, unrelated to their currend bw.
> > I could see keeping he daily graph but the weekly, monthly, & yearly
> > don't make sense.  Here might be a cool idea...
> >
> > Write a script to save the log files every day and then write a browser
> > based interface that could create graphs as requested.  Log files are
> > smaller than graphs.
> ??? Are you sure?  Images are about 12k here whereas log files are 60k
> Also, disk space is cheap, time is expensive.
> OTOH, saving your log files is not a bad idea, you may want to restore
> them in case a disaster happens.
> IMHO it depends on how frequent an image is requested.  If it only
> happens occasionally, just save the log file and use (a hacked version
> of) rateup to reproduce the images.  If the images are requested often,
> you might as well keep the ready images on disk.
> cheers,

Shane Hickey
Network/System Consultant

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