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Derek Diget diget+mrtg at unix.cc.wmich.edu
Mon Jun 11 20:44:05 MEST 2001

On Jun 7, 2001 at 08:01 -0500, Matt Walkowiak wrote:
=>Why not just mulitiply your Target[asdf]: by a whole number in your .cfg
=>file, like 100.  Then you can still use the absolute option.  Or did I miss
=>the point...

I did what Matt suggested and and my Target[xyz]: look like the

Options: absolute
Target[xyz]: `script.sh` * 60

I ran this over the weekend and my results are looking better.

Can anyone answer the bigger question?  Do the docs need to be
clarified?  I think that the current comments for perminute and
perhour are misleading.  Or do the options mentioned below need to be
recoded to not be exclusive?

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=>From: Derek Diget
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=>Subject: [mrtg] config file options
=>After doing some code searching and rateup debugging I have come to
=>the conclusion that the following options are exclusive and can not be
=>absolute (a), gauge (g), perhour (h), perminute (m)
=>Am I correct?
=>(If so, can the config file docs be updated to reflect this?)
=>The reason that I am asking this is because I have an external program
=>returning an absolute value that when averaged out over the ~300
=>seconds between reads becomes a fractional number.  (Typcial returned
=>numbers are below 100.)  I wanted to use the "perminute" option along
=>with the "absolute" option, but I doesn't seem to fly.  Does anybody
=>have any  suggestions on how I can get some good numbers to rateup?
=>Example: I am getting 15 units over the 5 minute interval.  When using
=>"absolute" 15/300 = .05 units/second which gets logged as 0.  Not
=>going to work. :(  OK, I will _add_ the "perminute" to multiply the
=>result by 60.  (15*60)/300 = 3 units/minute  OK, this will work.
=>Well, I doesn't seem to work.  Any suggestions?

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