[mrtg] Re: Strange ??

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Sun Jun 17 10:40:27 MEST 2001

Kenneth Due wrote:

> MaxBytes[_]: 20

First thing to check:
If there are more than 20 players, the value will be ignored.

If the numbers make it to the log file (first line) the problem is
in the options to MRTG, if they don't make it there the problem is
in the data gathering.

> Target[play_gs2]: `/home/mrtg/gs2.sh`

> the gs2.sh script outputs two lines of integers, the first is number of
> players, the second is always zero

Check if the output really is what you think it is.  Scan the output
of this program with an hex-editor and make sure there are no anomalies
in there.  For instance, use "od -tx1".  Doing so, the number 1234 and
0 should look like
    0000000 31 32 33 34 0a 30 0a
no spaces, no tabs, no other extra characters, no cariage returns,
one linefeed after each line.  I can't say when it fails but I can
see that on many occasions the program failed because of this kind
of problems.

Also, check that, >>>when mrtg runs from cron<<< , all programs, scripts
etcetera in the gs2.sh script can be found.  An easy way (and probably
also the best way) to do so is to always use absolute paths for each and
every program.  Any script, program or whatever else not built in to the
shell should have a full path starting with a slash.

> From earlier versions, I used the 'gauge' option if i had an external
> supplying the value, only this time 
> the graphs always stay a zero ??

GAUGE has nothing to do with the external program interface.  MRTG
needs numbers from somewhere, somehow.  This is the external program

Only when the numbers are already known to MRTG things like GAUGE,
INTERGER etcetera are used.  It doesn't matter how the numbers are
known to MRTG.

However, from the description you gave us it is clear that in this
case you should use GAUGE as the number of players are monitored,
not a difference in the number of players or the amount of played

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