[mrtg] Re: Logging problems with small data?

Derek Diget diget+mrtg at unix.cc.wmich.edu
Mon Jun 18 16:50:47 MEST 2001

On Jun 17, 2001 at 22:28 -0700, Jaime Pirnie wrote:
=>Hello everyone.. First off, I want to say that I have read the
=>manuals and such and am still having some trouble.  Maybe I just
=>don't understand how mrtg fully works.

Been there, done that. :)

=>I'm trying to collect data for the number of messages that go out via
=>SMTP on my server.  I have an external perl script that parses what I
=>need from a log file and sends that to mrtg on the target line.  The
=>problem that I am having is that mrtg is not logging the difference
=>between readings.  For example, here is the same log file 5 mins

Just recently got ours configured *correctly*, too.  See my recent
posting <http://www.ee.ethz.ch/~slist/mrtg/msg10735.html> on what we
did to get the correct results.

=>As you can see, I've sent three emails in that time.  Buts not
=>writing 3 to the history in the log file??!  I've played with the
=>Maxbytes line and well as a bunch of options on the options line.
=>I've also made sure that my perl script is outputting the proper data
=>to mrtg.  Here is what my perl script outputs to mrtg when I run it
=>on the command line:

=>One thing that I have noticed is that if I use perhour on the options
=>line, I start to get data, but it is way out of wack because its
=>multiplied by 3600.  If I send one mail it will log 12 or some other
=>number.  I just want it to log the simple 1, 2, 3, or however many
=>mails went out in that 5 minutes.  Is there anything that I am
=>missing here?  I've spent all day trying to figure this out.  Thanks
=>much for any help that anyone might have.  If there is some data that
=>I have left out, please let me know so that I can reply with the
=>requested data.  Thanks again.

Also, as I noted in my thread, the "perhour" and "perminute" options
can not be mixed with "absolute" or "gauge".  What I did was used the
"absolute" option, but did my own multipling on the target line to get
the results I needed.

Derek Diget
Western Michigan University - Kalamazoo  Michigan  USA - www.wmich.edu/
Office of Information Technology -  UNIX support  - www.wmich.edu/unix/

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