[mrtg] MRTG - optushome-netstats.pl help

Rab rab at hisplace.net
Wed Jun 20 13:59:22 MEST 2001

Hi Mark

[CC'd to MRTG discussion group]

Firstly, thanks for your help with this script.  If I can have your help for
a few more minutes I'd be grateful.  I have setup everything as I see it to
be correct, however I'm still getting some errors.

Firstly, it seems that on line 1 I am required to remove the '-Tw' in order
for perl to run the script, or I get this error:

> C:\MRTG-2.9.17\bin>perl optushome-netstats.pl --save
> --login rabjo --password xxxxxxxx
> Too late for "-T" option at optushome-netstats.pl line 1.

So I made the change and left line as both "-w" and (nothing) following
"#!/usr/bin/perl".  When I do this, the script appears to work and my
NetStat value is show.

> C:\MRTG-2.9.17\bin>perl optushome-netstats.pl
> --login rabjo --password xxxxxxxx
> 5.9

I have attached the MRTG .cfg file I'm using for this project (test.cfg) as
this is where my next big failure is - although the script will produce a
result, MRTG does not seem to recognise this.  I am fairly new to all of
this, and really keen to learn so anyhelp would be appreciated.  The
output/error when I try to run my MRTG script is as follows:

> C:\MRTG-2.9.17\bin>perl mrtg test.cfg
> WARNING: Could not get any data from external command
> 'optushome-netstats.pl --login rabjo --password xxxxxxxx'
> Maybe the external command did not even start. (No
> such file or directory)

Thanks again to you Mark, and everyone on the list who has been helping me.

rab at hisplace.net
ICQ # 12229702

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