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Justin Shore listuser at neo.pittstate.edu
Fri Jun 22 18:16:37 MEST 2001

At 6:05 PM +0200 6/22/01, Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:
>Duane Powers wrote:
>>  What I'd like to do, is gather mail stats, dns stats and similar,
>>  (logged in users, cpu utilization, hard drive space).  I've found
>>  scripts that do this, but after running them for awhile, it appears I'm
>>  actually reporting on the local box (mrtg_server) not the remote host
>>  (mail_server), the graphs are identical, though the numbers may not be.
>It is rather simple.  MRTG does not generate statistics, it just collects
>them.  If you can run a script and this script generates statistics from
>a remote location then you can monitor that remote location.  If the
>script works on the local host and on the local host alone, you don't
>get statistics from a remote computer.
>The rule of the thumb is:
>First make sure you can get the numbers (using SNMP or otherwise). Only
>then start even thinking about MRTG.
>I hope this generic answer will do.

Alex is right on the money here.  If what you're graphing isn't an 
SNMP value but from a script, make sure you have the results you want 
when you run the script by hand first.  Once that's working you can 
then feed the numbers into MRTG and let it do its thing.  I do things 
similar to what you're wanting.  The way I do it is I set up ssh to 
allow me to ssh into the target box wo/ a password (as say a mrtg 
user), run the script on the target box (ie the script resides on the 
target box), and exit.  Works like a champ.  ssh -n redirects input 
and is quite useful for this kind of thing.  Get the scripts working 
the way you want them to (don't be bashful about creating your own 
scripts for disk usage, user counts, etc..) and then think about 
feeding MRTG the numbers.

Good luck

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