[mrtg] 14all/rrd graph problem

Christopher Poetzel cpoetzel at achilles.ctd.anl.gov
Mon Jun 25 18:37:46 MEST 2001

just switched from mrtg2.9.2 to 2.9.16 and rrd tool.
To test this am collection some cpu values with
the config file cpu.cfg.  This file gets updated
every 5 minutes and has read write permission and
is the rrd format.

i put 14all.cgi script in my /home/httpd/cgi-bin
directory and edited the line

# if RRDs (rrdtool perl module) is not in the module search path (@INC)
# uncomment the following line and change the path appropriatly:
use lib qw(/usr/local/mrtg-2.9.16/lib/mrtg2);

to point to right place.

i created a simple html file with the link


When i click on this link all that happens is the 14all.cgi script
appears in the broweser.  by this i mean that you see the code
for the script and nothing happens.

Let me say that i have working with MRTG for over a year and also know
my way around a perl script but i have no experience with cgi or
with much web management stuff.  Currently there is no web server
on the macnine where this is running.  It will be installed later
this week.  Should this make a differnce when testing a cgi-script?
i don't know.  if anyone out there can help me find the error of my
ways i would appreciate it.


chris poetzel
cpoezel at anl.gov
argonne national lab

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