[mrtg] Re: cfgmaker does not find subinterfaces?

Ted Warthers t409409 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 14 23:29:48 MET 2001

>Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:
>cfgmaker can only find interfaces that are available in SNMP and
>at a place where it knows how to find them.  If the device doesn't
>have SNMP counters for the subinterfaces, or if those counters are
>not known to cfgmaker (for instance: they are in a private branch
>of the MIB and it is not programmed into cfgmaker) there is nothing
>you can do to cfgmaker.

I've a series of 7507 and 7513 routers running 12.1.4 and 11.2.17.
The 12.1.4 routers return everything we look for. The 11.2.17
routers do not list their sub interfaces. We asked Cisco support
when the subinterfaces were added for the IOS releases. They respond
with the note below. Support for subinterfaces is added for ATM
at 12.0.1, for frame relay at 11.1. Do I just retrieve the supported
mibs for 11.2.x and use the LoadMib for the frame subinterfaces?

Here's the Cisco reply. Thanks for your help Alex! TW

Which Versions of SNMP Are Supported in my Cisco IOS® Software Image?

A. All Cisco IOS Software releases to date have included SNMPv1.
Releases prior to Cisco IOS Software 11.2(6)F (including all releases of 
11.2 and 11.2P) supported the SNMPv2 Party-based protocol.
Releases from Cisco IOS Software 10.2(13), 10.3(11), 11.0(8), 11.1(3), 
11.2(1), and 11.3 and higher have SNMPv2 removed (CSCdi53343).
(SNMPv2, RFCs 1441-1452, has been replaced by SNMPv2C, RFCs 1901-1908).

Releases from Cisco IOS Software 11.2(6)F and higher have SNMPv2C support.

Releases from Cisco IOS Software 12.0(3)T and higher have SNMPv3 support.

Also this is info on sub-interfaces that may apply.

Does Cisco IOS Software Support Sub-Interfaces in the "ifTable"?

A. Support for sub-interfaces is implemented in RFC1573 IF-MIB (obsoleted by 
RFC2233 and RFC2863). It allows Virtual LANS, Frame Relay data-link 
connection identifiers (DLCIs), and X.25 virtual circuits (VCs) being used 
as sub-interfaces to appear in the ifTable. The ifTable was introduced in 
RFC1213 and enhanced in RFC1573 (obsoleted by RFC2233 and RFC2863). One of 
the enhancements is to allow non-physical interfaces to exist in the 
Generic support for sublayers in the ifTable has been present since Cisco 
IOS Software Release 11.1(1). For any given media type, it is up to the 
groups which support that media to determine whether or not sublayers are 
appropriate (with direction from IETF), and how to support those sublayers.

Sub-Interface Supported Since...
ATM ( Asynchronous Transfer Mode ) Cisco IOS 12.0(1)T
FR ( Frame-Relay )  Cisco IOS 11.1
LANE ( ATM LAN Emulation ) Cisco IOS 11.1
FE ( Fast-Ethernet )  Cisco IOS 12.1(3)T - CSCdk25367 [ Cisco ISL 
encapsulation support]
Cisco IOS 12.1(7)E - CSCds76462 [Cisco ISL encapsulation support]
Not yet supported - CSCds00250 [ IEEE 802.1Q encapsulation ]

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