[mrtg] Re: Graph overlapping?

Tony Melia Tony.Melia at downsmicro.com.au
Fri Mar 16 01:55:59 MET 2001

Thank you!  I did notice that the graphics for both Thurs were different, so
I knew it was 2 different Thursdays.

Thanks again.

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Tony Melia wrote:
> I have MRTG monitoring NIC stats for a number of servers.  The graphs it
> produces seem to overlap, e.g weekly graph (30 min average) has Thurs,
> sat,SUn, Mon, Tue, Wed, THurs i.e Thurs is there twice, also the daily
> is similar beginning at 2am, through to 10 am next day, again,
> I created my configs using cfgmaker.

There are four types of graphics: daily, weekly, monthly and yearly
graphics.  They work on 5-minute averages, 30-minute averages, 2-hour
averages and 1-day averages.

The graphics are 400 pixels wide (by default) and will display:
400*5 minutes  == 1 day + 9 hours + 20 minutes
400*30 minutes == 1 week + 1 day + 8 hours
400*2 hours    == 33 days + 8 hours
400*1 day      == 1 year + 35 days

You are therefore not seeing thursday twice, you are seeing two different

> How can I fix this, also can I fix it without losing historical data?

As you can see, there's nothing to fix.  If you want to display exactly
one week, you need to create pictures with width 336. This will then
also display 336*5 minutes == 1 day + 4 hours and so on.

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