[mrtg] 2.9.10 thresholds

Brian E. Seppanen seppy at chartermi.net
Fri Mar 16 20:16:19 MET 2001


I have defined several hundred thresholds.  I'm trying to upgrade to
2.9.10 from 2.9.4.  I have all of my threshholds commented out in all of
my configs right now, except for a couple.  When I start 2.9.10.  My check
directory fills up with zero length files for what appears to be every
threshold that I have defined.  Previously these files were only present
with 2.9.4 when the threshold was tripped.  Now most of these zero length
files belong to thresholds that I have commented out in my mrtg cfg files,
so there should be no way that these thresholds have been tripped.
However, they are in fact being tripped due to the fact that I'm being
notified for each one.  It's strange because I'm getting the following
output from my script.

: (375383.569046296) is above threshold () at Fri Mar 16 13:28:33 2001

My notify script expects three Arguments
ARGV[0] = param
ARGV[1] = thresh
ARGV[2] = value

I'm getting the following in my mrtg logs as well.

Argument "" isn't numeric in numeric gt (>) at /home/mrtg/scripts/notify
line 18

So I'm getting an undefined value for the threshold and my $ENV{'THRESH_DESC'} isn't being
passed either.

The paramaters would match up as follows
: (375383.569046296) is above threshold () at Fri Mar 16 13:28:33 2001
$ENV{'THRESH_DESC'}: ($value) is $abovebelow threshold ($thresh) at $timestr"

Now this output is from one of the thresholds that I have commented out.
So I can sort of see why it would have an undefined threshold value.  But
why does it trip a threshold.

It almost seems that thresholds are global.  You either do them for every
target with 2.9.10 or none of them.  I didn't have any of these problems
when I had every threshold commented out.  My check directory was empty,
no notifications were sent out.  Now when I test with about 25 thresholds
everything is treated as having a threshold even if they are commented


Brian Seppanen
Charter Communications
Regional Data Center				906-228-4226 ext 23
Marquette, MI					seppy at chartermi.net

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