[mrtg] Re: MRTG 2.9.10 problem - WARNING: Expected a number but got

mbreton at geiger.com mbreton at geiger.com
Thu Mar 22 15:18:36 MET 2001

I tried your fix, and it didn't fix it for me.

Does anybody else have any ideas?

Michael Breton
(207) 755-2338

Isaac Grover <isaac at coe.engr.sjsu.edu>
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03/20/2001 08:01 PM

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mbreton at geiger.com wrote:
> I'm not sure what changed, but I was using MRTG 2.9.4 and just upgraded 
> 2.9.10.  I have a CFG file that I have been using flawlessly with 2.9.4
> that is monitoring hundreds of variables.  MRTG is running  on a PII 350
> with 256Mb RAM and ample Hard disk space running RedHat 7.0.  Since the
> upgrade, for every query sent to our AS/400 locally (I know the AS/400
> responds to SNMP queries slowly), it gets the message as follows...
> SNMP Error:
> no response received
> SNMPv1_Session (remote host: "IPADDR" [IPADDR].161)
>                   community: "public"
>                  request ID: 1099647252
>                 PDU bufsize: 8000 bytes
>                     timeout: 2s
>                     retries: 5
>                     backoff: 1)
> SNMPGET Problem for ifInOctets.2 ifOutOctets.2 sysUptime sysName on 
public at IPADDR
> WARNING: Expected a number but got
> WARNING: Expected a number but got
> (Yes, the message on the bottom appears more than once)
> Everything else works fine.   Even when I was using 2.9.4, there would 
> an occasional "no response received" from the AS/400, but there would 
> be that warning message.
> I don't know if the timeouts for how long to wait for the SNMP replies 
> been reduced???
> Anybody else having this problem???  Did you fix it?  How?

With less than two minutes left in today's workday, on a hunch I
disabled the default ipchains startup using
'/etc/rc.d/init.d/ipchains stop', re-ran all my mrtg configs, and
no more timeouts occurred.

It was a nice way to end the day; now we'll see how well it
worked when I come in tomorrow morning.  =)

Isaac Grover - isaac at coe.engr.sjsu.edu
SJSU College of Engineering, ECS / Networking
ENG 237, (408) 924-3893

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