[mrtg] Grouping views w/14all.cgi & MRTG/RDD

Drew Dowling drewhead at vnet.net
Thu Mar 22 22:32:43 MET 2001

Can somone give me the URL for 14several.cgi?  ;)

	Joking aside... I have been so successful with out MRTG system here that
I've gotton strapped with a new project.  (no good deed goes unpunished)
We'd like to start providing views to graphs to our customers who have
purchased lines from us (We're and ISP).  Yes, there are better 'traffic
study' systems out there, but with our whoppin budget of $.00 it was
decided that MRTG really does give us the basic info we need now.  So it
was time to wind Drew up and sit him infornt of a terminal.

	All my info is stored in a MySQL DB.  Graphing info is stored in a table
and 'pushed' out to a cfg file when changes are made.  I am using RDDTool.
I need a way to allow diffrent users access to diffrent targets.  A given
target may not be unique to a single user or like group of users.  Part of
the cfg generator pulls unique targets reguardless of how many diffrent
people have access to them (slick!)

	What I was hopeing I could do was pass the cfg info dynamically generated
dependant on the authenticated user calling 14all.cgi and have it list just
those things that the DB said they could see.  However I've not had much
luck with my first pass through the script.  It seems that 14all.cgi uses
MRTG_lib to parse the config file which it does expect as a file.  Bummer.
I thought about replacing the call to readcfg in 14all with a custom peice,
but have had difficulties (sice I havn't yet grasped the whole thing).

	I am not really opposed to writing my own html indexer, but I was hopeing
I could grab the png generation stuff out of 14all.  I'm not finding this
too straight forward either.  Maybe I've been looking at text too long
today.  I really like Reiner's script, but was hopeing that it was a bit
more modular so that I could "borrow" some subs.  :)  One of my network
admins recomended that I simpley create a temp cfg file on the fly and then
point 14all at that.  Simple, but not too elegant.  I'd rather not play
with lots of little files if I can advoid it.

	Has anyone else run into a similar sitituation?  Any suggestions on how to
go about solving this?  I thought I'd impose for some ideas (or criticism
therein) so I don't go hacking away only to discover an eaiser way later.
I'm open to any comments.  All pointers welcome.
Drew Dowling      	drewhead at vnet.net
CTC Internet Services	Engineering

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